Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Our new worm farm

 First we had to guess what was in the box. It was a worm farm. Next we cleaned the worm farm and then we put the soil in. Finally we put the worms in-Kyrah Jade

First we soaked the soil in the morning. Then we drained the water then put the siol in the cointainer. Finally we saw the worms in their home. It looked cool but you cant touch them because you might burn them.- Summer.

When it was Friday we had a mystery box and Ashlyn said it was a worm farm and she got it right. First we put the soil in the basket. Then we put the cardboard and paper in the basket then we put the worms in. Next we had lunch. Today we are going to put the apple in the worm farm. Finally, we went to play and go home. - Rebeka

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Te ao Maori with Whaea Kaiya

Every Tuesday we are lucky to learn about te ao Maori (our Maori world).
This week we have been learning about traditional life on the pa. We learnt about how everyone lived together and helped each other. We learnt about the waharoa at the entrance to a pa and the pataka kai, where the food is stored. We also discovered that we have these things at our school too! We are looking forward to using our new knowledge on our up coming trip to Kerikeri.

Water Safety demonstration lessons

As we were not able to host our whanau at school this week to watch swimming lessons. We have made some short videos where you can see all of the valuable skills our tamariki are learning with Averil. 

Learning to huddle for warmth and safety.

Signaling for help.

Swimming for survival

Moving in a group chain.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Water Safety with Averil.

WALT: add details to our writing.
We write what we did in order. We use words like first, next, then and finally.
We say how we felt.

Yesterday we went swimming with Averil. First we fell back. Next we had to huddle up. Then we had to go into the deep end. We played for a bit then we finally got out. I felt happy and scared. I was happy that I got to go in the pool. I was scared because I fell back. I liked it because it was the best day ever in the pool  ever and I wanted to do it again.
- Pearl
Yesterday we did Water Safety. First she told us to sit on the wall of the swimming pool. Then she told us to fall backwards. Then she told us to make a huddle to make the water warm inside the huddle. Then she told us to swim to the deep end and get out with our life jackets. Then we all got changed. 
- Harmony
Yesterday we did water safety with Averil. First, we had to put the life jackets on. Next, we had to fall backwards. I felt amazed because I did it by myself. Then, we made a huddle. Finally, we got to swim in the deep end and then we got out.

Ki o rahi

WALT: add details to our writing. We try to say what we did in order and use words such as first, next, then and finally. We say how we felt.

In Ki o rahi I first felt really excited. Then we started the game. My team was called Ki Oma. It was really, really fun. Next, my class came and we did writing. I liked it and then we ate lunch. - Thea

We played Ki o rahi. It was fun. I threw the ball at the barrow and then Whaea Gina blew the whistle. Finally, we went back to class- Lily

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Ukelele with Matua Tups

We love learning the Ukelele with Tups. We have been learning the chords G, C and F


WALT: memorise doubles to 20

We are learning to memorise basic facts such as our doubles to 20. This will help us with addition and multiplication problems in the future.