Friday, September 17, 2021

Kei te pehea koe?


Celebrating te wiki o te reo Maori in Whanau Puriri. This is how we call the roll. Kia kaha te reo Maori!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Lockdown Learning Week 2

Check out Olivia and Alexis's Treehouse Project!

Ruby earning some dojo's by cooking her family dinner.

Ashlyn doing Yoga

Eli's cool picture from his favourite book, Charlie's superhero underpants.

Eli working hard on his maths.
Dayna's Book review
Neve cooking dinner.

Astra doing her daily run, training for cross country.

Matthew and Benjamin playing their Maths game.
Dayna being responsible and folding her own washing.
Ashlyn planting her tomato seedlings.
Blu showing us his herb garden.
Charlie and Clara enjoying the science experiments.


Sunday, August 29, 2021

Lockdown Learning Week One!

 Here are some highlights from our first week of Learning in Lockdown!

Chalie and his marble run 

Charlie and his marble run.

Astra's nature mandala

Ruby and Eli W Dressed up for Daffodil Day! 

Eli Jay has been learning about the brain.
Dayna's writing about her pets.             Dayna and Hayley out for a 3pm walk!

Thea's rainbow art.

Matthew's Origami

Brielle's Maths

Ashlyn doing some reading

Blu's Maths/Art

Jimmy getting some exercise.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Matariki Soup

We really enjoyed celebrating Matariki with shared kai.
We loved making our vege and pumpkin soup and everyone enjoyed eating it too! Tino reka! 😋

Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Today we have written about the production. More writing will be added when the children return to school. Check out their beautiful photos.

Garlic and Compost

We had another busy Enviro Day last week. We planted garlic because it was the shortest day of the year.
We also collected lots of dry brown leaves for our tumble composter.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Enviro Day

 Today we had an AWESOME enviro day. We were very busy. We cleaned out our old bug hotel and we made a new one. First, we had to bring all the stuff we collected from home up to the garden area. Next, we collected bricks and pinecones from all around our school.  We also collected rubbish on the way. We had to pull out weeds from the tops of the bug hotel so we can plant new flowers. We had to saw the bamboo with seniors helping us, we put this in the gaps.. We also added rocks, sticks and hay.

We also set up a new worm farm and a compost tumbler. We collected brown leaves to put in our compost.

By Puriri Class

We also harvested 4 bottles of worm tea. Kauri class has been using it for fertilise the trees in the orchard.

We have been learning about bugs. Here is some information we have learnt.

Daddy long legs are the most venomous spider in the world. I like Daddy long legs because they eat mosquitoes.- Ashlyn

Bugs help us to keep the balance. They also clean up, for example; maggots and mites eat gorse. Leaf veined slugs recycle compost. Centipedes, stink raoches, cock roaches and mites are the best. Neve

The bugs recycle. The bugs eat the rubbish. Astra

I like Tiger bugs because they are amazing rubbish eaters.- Alexis

Tiger slugs are interesting because they like milk from the cat bowl. Estelle

Mites kill the gorse and gorse is bad because gorse came from another country and it spreads everywhere.- Jimmy

Daddy long legs are the most poisonous spider in NZ. Leaf veined slugs are the specialest. Tiger slugs they have stripes.- Charlie

Bugs are good for the garden. And for the compost.- Olivia D

Tiger slugs clean up your outside chairs when you are asleep as night time. We look after bugs because they are good for the garden.- Olivia P

Adults hate bugs and only yucky bugs like say hmmmm tiger slugs and maggots. Why are we making a bug hotel? I will tell you. Because they help us like they recycle things for us like rubbish and other things too.- Harmony

A daddy long legs has poison in it but they cant poison us. Leaf veined slugs clean up seats. I like worms because they make worm pee.- Dayna

Earth worms and ants eat bird poo to clean up your deck so you dont step in it. Cockroaches eat compost for you. We have to make a hotel for bugs to make sure for them to be ok. Daddy long legs eat flies for you to protect your soup.- Rebeka